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Columbia River Gorge

Welcome to the home page! Here you'll find a plethora of information about the Columbia River Gorge and the cities that make up it's beautiful scenic area.

How to Navigate the Site: Each link in the left hand menu of the home page will lead you to a "sub section" where you'll find tons of information about the city/topic that you select. The center of each section contains news/events (descending by date) and is updated continuously as we receive new information. The right menu of each section contains articles and links to relevant information. Lastly, you'll notice that the top of each page contains links to our local events page, free classifieds, coupons to local businesses, services and our interactive posting forum where you can participate in discussions with other Gorge people! Enjoy!

Current News and Events

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What you'll find at GorgeConnection: Good stuff! If you're looking to find the usual "doom and gloom" media reporting, you won't find any of that here. We prefer to take the high road and avoid all the negativity that seems to be running rampant in today's world. While that style of reporting and news may get ratings, it's just not our cup of tea.

We believe in providing information and "news you can use". We highlight all of the cool local events and beauty that the Columbia River Gorge has to offer... Things that people WANT to read about!

Furthermore, it's our personal goal to help strengthen the sense of community in the Gorge, with our ultimate goal being the possibility of a non Gorge residing reader saying "Hey! That's a place I'm going to consider moving to!"

We're also a big fan of keeping Gorge dollars in the Gorge (See our article: Why Buy Local). By promoting local businesses, we're helping to create and maintain jobs while boosting our local economy which in turn produces more revenues that are used to enhance Gorge communities.

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Tourist Attractions

Articles of Interest

Hiking the Gorge ADD TEXT!!! - ADD TEXT!!! - ADD TEXT!!! - ADD TEXT!!! - The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers tangle in what should be a GREAT game! Find out which team is favored,!

Best Restaurants in the Gorge ADD TEXT!!! - ADD TEXT!!! - ADD TEXT!!! - ADD TEXT!!! - better offerings at Bodog and gives his picks on which ones will cash.

Top 10 Secrets of the Gorge